Summer is for Grilling.


If you’re anything like me, you’ve been hearing a lot about grilling out this summer. Let’s face it, though. This is America. Everybody grills out in the summer. What isn’t completely old news, though, is all the unexpected things I’m hearing about throwing over the flames nowadays –– from pineapple to peaches &, what I’m about to blather on about for the remainder of this post, pizza.

Grilled pizza had only barely made its way on my radar when the Roberts decided to give it a whirl for their anniversary dinner. (They have this sweet tradition of celebrating their anniversaries as a family, cooking up a special meal with the kids & drinking something sparkly & always, always topping off the evening with a beautiful Beth Wilson original cake. And this time they were over-the-top sweet enough to invite me along.) We did it DIY style, with bowls of assorted toppings crowding the counter & the hand-tossed crust an empty canvas, just waiting to be filled. I decided to go all-white & decorated mine with a pesto base, lots of cheese, artichokes & a sprinkle of feta. My friends made their own concoctions, tossing sun-dried tomatoes over kalamatas, mixing the pesto & marinara & coming out with something really quite good.

We fired them up until they were melt-in-your-mouth gooey on top & just a touch crispy beneath. Man, just remembering is making me hungry for more. And it is getting to be about time for lunch…

Until next time!