The Best Barber in all the land.


Today’s post comes to you from Fort Worth, from the workshop we did during last week’s Southwestern Photojournalism Conference. We were set out on the town (specifically, Sundance Square), where I came across this classic barbershop & the man who makes it all happen:


Meet Joe Guerrero, the best barber around. Or so you’d think if you stepped into his shop, a museum of sorts covered in old photographs and newspaper clippings all about his business & the prominent players that support it. Shelves upon shelves are covered in them, as well as old Coke bottles, vintage signs & a myriad of memorabilia that suggest you’ve stepped into an old country store, or time machine, for that matter –– not a hair salon stacked with fortune 500 frequenters. But that’s what makes it so magical: In the middle of the city’s most modern & business-oriented area, Sundance Hairstylist is a capsule of days gone by, a Texan type of Mayberry. Patrons sit patiently around for hours, happy just to chat. When they do get in the chair, it’s all smiles & laughs, & how are your home renovations & grandchildren & lots of remember whens.

And did I mention he does it all with only seven fingers? That’s right. Ask him how he got in the business & he’ll always answer the same: By accident. While working in a steel factory fresh out of high school, a punching press left him with a hole in one hand. His brother suggested he go into hair cutting, & he never looked back. It’s been 46 years since his first day, but Joe Guerrero’s no seasoned cynic. Armed with his scissors & a smile, it’s easy to see he’s still in love.

Here’s to finding a career that keeps you going!