The New Moulin Rouge

my darling getting ready for a night on the town.

  • Listening to: Sia
  • Wearing: New high-waist black jeans, black top, black blazer, black nails. Hoping to appear jazz-club-chic and wordly.

Day 3 started out no more than ordinary. Up, dressed and ready for church; worship, then off to lunch with the dearest friend. Things started to peak above average when I tasted the smoked duck egg roll I ordered from the daintiest of cafes, along with a side of zucchini ribbon, goat cheese, and cranberry salad. Let me just say, NOM.

Back in the house meant facing the mess, and I finally unpacked the last of my bags and the two cardboard boxes of shoes.

Then it was back out at ten for a quick bite of dessert (or in my case, just a cafe au lait) and an extended stay in the New Moulin Rouge, a cozy and dark jazz venue on the corner of hip and real scary. But the beats were good and the vocals smooth, and we swayed till the wee hours of day 4. Then I parted with my boys until next time, as winter break closes to an end. All in all, a v. good day indeed.