• Drinking: Water. Somehow school always manages to make me health-conscious again, though I know it’s supposed to have the opposite effect.
  • Wearing: Rose-colored cords & my new printed poncho.
  • Listening to: Electric President.


It’s been a while since I last blogged. But cheri, it’s been a whirlwind! I spent my last week in Charleston packing in appointments & boxes & bags, only to arrive in Jackson & undo it all again. Then it was off to Nashville for a wedding & impromptu weekend away, then back to Jackson to do some more unpacking & a whole lot of decorating. See, we had two roommates move out/graduate last semester, so it only made sense to make use of the extra space. I give you: the office.

Oh, & did I mention it comes with an extra closet? Double closet, just what I’ve always needed!

Perfect for those pesky peacoats that are always eating my space. I decided to scoot my desks into an L, & finally have enough table-top for my printer to have a permanent home. The desk in the top photo I’ve deemed my writing workspace, & just to prove it, I’m sitting there even as I type. The other I’ll keep around for crafts, etc., or maybe just in case I need a change in scenery. Next time, drop by to see what I did with the extra bed! Oh, it’s hilarious.

Happy Tuesday, cheri! I promise a better blog post to come, if you’ll forgive the yellow, nighttime pictures today.