Latest Loves: The Sneaker Wedge.

blog3 CollageToday, I’d like to talk a little bit about something you may have been seeing a lot more of lately in magazines & stores & yes, freaking Pinterest. The Sneaker Heel. (also known as wedge sneakers.)

Personally, I find it a great triumph that the shoe has risen to such high style, as I purchased this pair about two years ago on a shopping trip with my mother, during which she attempted to talk me out of the buy using words such as “hideous” and “tacky” and “vomit-inducing.” Okay, maybe that last one was an exaggeration. But nonetheless. She hated them. And when you have a pretty perfect mom, it’s no small joy to be able to say “I told you so” for perhaps the first time in your life. Plus, when the trend finally did roll around, I didn’t have to frantically fight that feeling all my fellow fashionistas know too well: that heart-squeezing urge to hunt & hunt & hunt for that new, beautiful shoe that will, no doubt change your life. Because I already had two pair in my closet. (Yes, two. I am a little obsessed. You can see the other pair from outfit post last year here.)

See, I have this unexpected side to me that only my inner circle may really know. I like to call it my inner Nicki Minaj. Basically, it’s a secret soft spot for hip-hop, high-top sneakers & some diva-type tendencies. The sneaker wedge satisfied my long-term urge for high top sneaks & my fears that I wouldn’t actually be able to pull them off, since the heel sort of softens the edge that a standard pair of Nikes would entail. My only complaint? They’re not as comfy as you might imagine. Is it worth it? A thousand times yes.

So there you have it. My ode to high-heel sneaks. Until next time, J’adore!

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Oh, & red lipstick. Enough said.

Photos by Kristi McMurry WOODY–check out her images (taken by me) here!