Three Little Birds.

Hello, cheri, & a marvelous Friday morning to you!

I hope it’s been filled with comforting coffee, warm breezes & friendly faces, like mine has today. But if your morning began with a less than glorious start, well, here’s a long-awaited spring break restaurant review to help you imagine a better place. A place like Three Little Birds café.

Tucked away in an overgrown corner of a little village called Windermere, the smell of sweet potato biscuits & strong coffee leads you to one of my favorite bruncheries in town: Three Little Birds.

It’s the best of both worlds: an old-time diner, complete with mismatched, homestyle mugs & mason jars, with new-age appeal. The walls are a smattering of local art, the menu a mash-up of classic & progressive. Take, for example, the eggs benedict with a twist, served over sweet potato biscuits. Or the goat cheese challah french toast. And bacon pancakes. I could go on.

I can’t get over how cozy & secluded it feels, especially on weekday mornings when it’s only you, older men & their papers & a young family or two. The place really does have some magical Mayberry effect, in the middle of a city that usually, well, doesn’t. The lovely light & fresh flowers on every table only sweeten the deal.

Locals, you know what I mean. And for the rest of you, if you ever find yourself in Charleston, be sure to stop in. You won’t be disappointed.