happy valentine’s day, CHERI!

  • Eating: Candy hearts, of course!
  • Wearing: See above.
  • Listening to: Of Monsters & Men.

Hello, cheri, & happy Valentine’s Day to you! I hope your day has been full of all things Valentine: dead saints, pink & red, chocolate, roses, loves letters, dinner dates, teddy bears & more! Or, if you’re like me & most of my friends, kiddy Valentines with fake tattoos attached, birthday parties, Mexican food, & a mid-afternoon nap. And hey, that’s alright by me!

Oh, & here are the Valentines I was up all night putting together. Worth it? I think so. (PS – take note of the stamp –– it’s a preview for my next post!)

And before you go, check out this adorable stop-motion Valentine’s treasure, made by my dear friend Courtney Searcy.