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And welcome to my brand new, better than ever blog! I’ve been working on this baby for quite some time now, and it thrills me to unleash it at long last today. There may be some tweaking in the days ahead, but for the most part, this is it!

And what better way to kick things off than a little preview of all I’ve been working on of late? If my title didn’t give it away, I will: it’s a summer full of weddings. From historic South Carolina to Tennessee to Texas and back again, I have made a complete circuit through the South this summer photographing and making films. It’s been a blast. And now, I’m back home in Tennessee, editing my way through the thousands of gorgeous images I left with.

I am convinced I have the most beautiful brides. I mean, just look at these ladies and try to tell me any differently.




As I continue making my way through the footage, I’ll keep posting on this blog. Check back for more images soon! J’adore.