Wednesday Wear.

Hello, cheri, & happy Wednesday!

I wanted to share a second outfit post with you tonight, as well as a few quick words before I flee town for the weekend (plus some) tomorrow afternoon. The newspaper staff & I are heading out to Martin for the Southeast Journalism Conference (which we positively swept last year –– finger crossed we do it again!), where we’ll be receiving awards for the past year’s worth of all-nighters, rewrites & just general hard work. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on how it turns out!

In other news, yesterday was quite the triumph as far as resolution No. 1 (& No. 12!) on my 15//15 project. I may not have gotten in touch with my inner go to bed early bird, but I still managed to make it out the door & in my seat before my 8 a.m. class––not to mention out of bed before 5 til. I was up by 7 a.m. yesterday, with time enough to look totally sane & not at all homeless even before 10 a.m. Now that’s what I call a success.

Besides that, I’ve been putting things away daily, dedicating more time to news-reading & even finished a book in the three weeks I’ve been back in Jackson –– & I’m working on another. All in all, the 15//15 project is working out well so far (though I may have had some setbacks regarding No. 1 & 12 this morning. Not to worry! I’m all Scarlett O’Hara when it comes to this list.). I’ll continue keeping you posted throughout the next 15 weeks!

Until then, J’adore, & wish us luck this weekend!!