• Drinking: Cups of coffee.
  • Listening to: Example.
  • Wearing: Vintage lace-up oxfords, J. Crew argyle socks, cropped Banana Republic pants & my new favorite, the color-blocked sweater.

Hello, cheri, & happy weekend!

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes feel I need these Saturdays & Sundays more & more each week. A chance to sleep in, start the day with a book (or two or three), sink your teeth into a put-off project, stay in your pajamas, make a pot of coffee & down the entire thing, if you wanted. Yes, these weekends were made for the weary.

But then there’s the other sort of Saturday. The traveling type, in which you wake up in a brand new bed, put your city shoes on, & set out to amble a whole new area. These weekends were made for the restless.


Photos by Josh Garcia & his vintage Yoshica camera.