Cheri, it is officially HOT in this town.

  • Eating: An assortment of bite-sized international street fare (!) in celebration of CultureFest, the university’s latest and, in my opinion, greatest campus-wide event. So far I’ve had sweets from Scotland, Vietnamese spring rolls, some chocolate dish from Canada that had me absolutely swooning, and so much more. Grecian goat cheese? Please and thank you.
  • Wearing: Black silk tank, brown linen shorts, lady coat from Banana, Mom’s hunk-o-silver chains from the ’80s.
  • Listening to: Nothing. When am I going to get around to getting these speakers fixed?

Is it summer already? My absolute favorite flowers surprised me this morning on the way to work. Like the sight of that one country home with its wide porch and sweeping pond means I’m almost home, these flowers are my landmark for summer. In Carolina they’re violet, but here they blossom white. Some may call them weeds, but I call them tank tops, cook-outs, & sun.

Taken on a rainy day in '09