On cafes & calming down.

  • Eating: grilled cheese to-go.
  • Listening to: Far East Movement.
  • Wearing: Richard Chai & black nails. Sometimes you just gotta.

Hello, cheri! I cannot believe it is the 11th. Not only does this make me a bad blogger, but this means October is nearly half-done! And that’s just scary.

The leaves are turning red here in Tennessee –– the only one-up I’ll give the state over my usual, more moderate climate of Carolina. I was going too fast to notice summer left, when suddenly I went all the way to Nashville & back twice & it was fall.

Let me just say, despite the running around, getting out was more than great.

Here’s a taste of all I learned these past two weeks (which is a lot):

  • One day I am actually going to be living on my own, receiving annual income & having to live off of it. And that day is nigh.
  • The starting salary for journalists right now is $18,000. Oh my I’m-never-going-to-stop-living-like-a-college-student!
  • Oh, except that now I need an iPhone.
  • Not all hotel coffee is created equally.
  • Nor is frozen yogurt. Avoid all venues that rhyme with pasty twilight. Sweet Cece’s, on the other hand, gets my vote (as well as my wallet. And my waist-line).
  • Marche Artisan Foods in Nashville is my new favorite place.
  • Name tags make keeping personal information (as well as facebook friend requests) from creepers absolutely impossible.
  • When put to the test, turns out I actually am a person of integrity. It feels kind of nice to know it.
  • I need to settle.

On that last point, I’ve decided to stay in for fall break. After deliberating between New Orleans, New York, the almost-as-exciting Columbia, South Carolina, and Charleston, I chose not to go anywhere at all. I still haven’t finished decorating my room, and the semester is half-finished! The other two library books from my last post are still sitting on my desk, & the pile of laundry beneath my bed is about to overtake the building. So I’m going to sleep in, get organized, maybe schedule a few coffee dates, definitely blog more & just live life simply this week.

And I’ll keep you posted as I do.


{photos by me, Marche Artisan Foods. 1. Drew’s Brews: an outstanding cup of coffee 2. menu 3. mother 4. spreads 5. breads 6. polenta, et cetera 7. the biggest croissant of my life, chocolate of course}