We made it! We’re officially moved into our brand new place in Charleston, and we’ve finally unpacked the very last box. It’s been a hectic time getting settled after this move. IMG_7047-2 Charleston may be home for me, but it sure does look a lot different
than when I left it. As for Ben, he’s adjusting to life on the East Coast for the very first time. Just when he starts to feel like he can’t handle the heat and humidity, I drop him off at the beach and fill him with Lowcountry cuisine until he remembers why he loves it here. And we do love it here.

It’s a strange feeling to be home but surrounded by the unfamiliar. I think I like it though, this feeling that I’ve moved to a strange and exciting place just waiting to be explored. I’m already making new favorites — a local Mexican eatery here, a teeny pub there. But the best part is the old favorites that are still just as good. (I’ve already been to Fast and French and Jack’s Cosmic Dogs more than I care to admit since our arrival.)

Yes, there are ups and downs to every move. It’s an insane pendulum of feeling busy then bored, lonely then surrounded by new friends, home but not quite at home. Through it all, though, we never questioned it. This is the place we were meant to be. And this chaos is finally settling into a calm.

This is home.