German Shorthaired Pointer Puppy Session


Is there anything better than a puppy? Last week I got the opportunity to shoot puppies for a major dog food brand, and it was seriously the best. I won’t share the full images just yet–thus the little preview above. I can’t believe this sweet little girl is going to be so big one day!

Her owners are my buddies Brittany and Ben, and they’re going to train her to hunt when she’s big enough. Ben is a born outdoorsman and fisherman, and their four-year-old daughter, Linen, is already following in his footsteps. There’s nothing the pair of them would rather do than cast a line in the water and wait on its return. So it only made sense that when the time came for their family to get a dog, they went with the german shorthaired pointer. As wild and unpredictable as she is now, every so often she gets quiet and concentrated, and you can see the bird dog in her eyes.