Katie and Kyle


Shooting Katie and Kyle’s wedding was such an amazing experience. Not only was it gorgeous, flawlessly decorated and planned with what Ben and I agreed was the best reception food ever, but Katie and Kyle were the most kind, easy going, and over-the-moon happy couple. We traveled up to Nashville for their wedding. Hendersonville, to be exact. The hills looked like mountains, and the fall day was crisp but not cold, sunny, and vibrant orange, yellow and red. It was truly dreamy. One of my favorite parts of weddings are the speeches. You get such an intimate picture of the bride and groom, painted by their closest friends and relatives, and whether I knew the couple before that day or not I almost always find myself fighting back tears at the end of it all. I know it’s probably the weirdest part of a wedding to get teary over, but there’s something about people being so open and vulnerable, and sharing their deep love for their friends, that gets me every time! Katie and Kyle’s friends and family painted a beautiful picture of each of them and their love for one another. It was truly a privilege to be a part of their wedding! There was so much beauty that day, and I’m so excited to share a slice of it here.