Matcha Green Tea Coconut Creamy Pops


I’ve been trying to keep my sweet tooth quiet this summer, which is no easy task, because summer makes me want yummy cold things which leads to so many bad choices (aka ice cream all day long). Enter these Green Tea Matcha Coconut Creamy Pops.

I got the supplies for homemade popsicles last summer when I was hooked on Thai Iced Coffee pops. The downside of course being that half of their delicious factor was the sweet and condensed milk they were made with. I had to adapt. So I looked in my pantry and found this Celestial Matcha Green Tea Latte concentrate I’d recently purchased. So I combined equal parts concentrate with thick coconut milk (from the can), and ended up with these vegan/diary free bad boys. Make the green tea concentrate yourself with a healthy sweetener for a completely sugar free version, or drizzle these in honey if you like living life on the edge. Either way, I’d consider them a hit.