• Eating: Half a bagel. The other half fell & immediately caught flame on the burner. Lots of squealing, lots of waving around cutting boards to dissipate the smoke, & all was well. Except, of course, the bagel.
  • Listening to: Old Lumps, courtesy of Josh Garcia.
  • Wearing: Jeans, military blouse & blazer. It’s cold out there!

Hello, cheri!

I’m writing today with 20 minutes to departure – departure to one of the dearest of cities, Nashville, Tennessee. I’m meeting my family for a weekend of leisure, trading in this town for another – one with fewer to-do lists & chain restaurants & high on the down-time and vintage shopping. And I cannot wait.

It’s been a busy week (/semester/life. But isn’t it that way for all of us? So I’m not going to complain).

All this talk of Music City reminds me of a time two years past (how is that possible?!), when I made the trip up with my two dear friends Josh & Abby. It was Valentine’s Day. We started the morning off with a french-pressed coffee & crepe breakfast, alfresco. Then we got in the car & drove. My hair was a full-blown bob & blonde (so weird). I was cold all day because it was warmer at home than in the city, & I wanted to wear a new shirt that only looked okay with the lightest of sweaters. We coffee-shopped, got in an argument with a scam-artist, nearly died, went to dinner, then went to a show.

My, we were carefree back then. I don’t think the three of us have daytripped since – at least not together. In the last issue of our paper, we ran a story on digital addictions & our apparent inability to enjoy the little things in life. An interviewee suggested we trade in our technology for a long look at the stars, at least once in a while.

As a blogger, it may be poor form to say it, but lately I’m tempted to take a break from the thousand fellow bloggers I follow & sit down with a book – a real book, with pages & a good book smell. I got several from the library, but have managed to  finish only one (& it was 50 pages). I’m not giving up, though (thank God for renewals). Slowly but surely, I plan to separate the necessary from the not-so of society’s go-go-go pace. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Ta-ta for now, cheri! Photos from the City coming soon!


{photo credit: all taken by me. 1. the Belcourt Theatre 2. Breakfast alfresco 3. In the car 4. Coffee from Hillsboro Village 4. Josh & Abby being ridiculous}