Suite Reno pt. III

Finishing touches.

After all the dust settled from construction, the next step was styling the space and filling it up. I optimistically thought this would take maybe a week, tops. I was very much wrong. A lot of the reason why is because I was sourcing a lot of the decor secondhand and vintage, which requires patience. Lots and lots of patience. And another reason is because I refuse to settle when I have a vision in my mind of what I’m looking for. Right off the bat, I knew I wanted some hints of terrazzo in the space. I’m so glad to see terrazzo making a comeback, it’s such a fun, eclectic and earthy look, it reminds me of the desert. So when I found these terrazzo lamps by Mitzi, I knew they were the right fit for the space.

In the bathroom, I was looking for something modern, clean and minimal, with rounded edges, to give some relief from the busy lines and bold moves the rest of the space is making. These circular sconces from Hudson Valley Lighting were exactly what I was envisioning.

Modern lines with vintage rugs and plants on plants. There’s nothing like a good mix of old and new, am I right?

*Sponsored by Hudson Valley Lighting.