The art of the oyster roast.

Today I thought I’d share a lesson in Lowcountry living (that is, the slow & glorious lifestyle of the South Carolina coast).

Today’s topic? THE OYSTER ROAST.

If you didn’t grow up around them, and perhaps even if you did, you may have trouble getting past the grit and slime of the oyster. But here’s the deal: If you wanna live like a local, you’ve gotta eat like a local. I overcame the oyster after years & years of shucking my way through annual roasts, hungry but having fun busting them open. Each year, I’d force myself to try, one more time, the creature inside. And eventually, after half of life of attempts, I did. I really, really did. So here is my guide to getting through the upcoming months of oyster roasting season.


And if you’re not into the DIY method, head on over to The Darling Oyster Bar. I finally made my way to the adorable restaurant this weekend and it did not disappoint. You can choose from a menu of oysters on the half shell, or if you’re not feeling brave enough to eat them raw just yet, order them baked or breaded and fried. You really can’t go wrong.